amidst tossing waves

Self- forget your so-called importance.

Forget the empty things you placed

the burden of your happiness on.

Forget the weak clinging to health today

and security tomorrow.

Forget the lonely, godless worries

after beauty and affection.

Forget the heavy-hearted mirror glances

and the anvil of others’ opinion.

No, Self- remember instead

the eyes of the Father who,

seeing every thought and deed, saw you

when you were dead in sin.

Remember the hands you’ve rejected

that still hold you

in your almost-not-quite-still-messy sanctified state.

Remember the arms you have forsaken:

arms raised for you at Calvary.

Self- remember the final Lamb,





and weep at the foot of the cross

for the sin that required it

and the Savior whose love is your life.

Lose your nothing, and gain

Christ crucified:

the anchor of your soul.



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